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Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions and ensure that you understand them before ordering any goods from our site. 

Goods, Products and Availability

Images of items are for illustrative purposes only. There may be slight differences in colour tone between the image of a product and the actual product due to lighting or even computer displays.

We put a lot of effort to ensure that all prices shown on our site are correct. However, we reserve the right to change prices and to add or remove any discounts from time to time. Any discounts or offers promoted after you have paid, should not affect your placed order.


Our site is designed purposely to guide you step by step through your order. Before actually placing your order, you can at any time go back, review and amend your cart. Please make sure you have checked your full details before purchasing. 

Payments must be made immediately for your order to be considered done and eventually processed. Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email with an order number for future reference.


You will be asked to pay in advance at the last stage of your ordering process. The Kikkra site accepts a wide array of cards as a form of payment.


As for orders, customers have the availability to choose between two options that shall be aligned here under:

  1. Delivery to chosen address from your end: Products will be delivered within 4 business days. Please ensure to input your mobile number as we would be making contact with you on the day of delivery.
  2. Pick up from our Hub: All orders placed between a Wednesday and the following Tuesday of the week after till noon (12:00pm),  will be available for pick-up on the next day, that is, Wednesday from 18:00hrs till 1930hrs 

Please find a practical explanation hereunder to explain further:

For example: All orders from Wednesday 6th December 2019 to Tuesday 12th December 2019 at noon (12pm), can be picked up at our Hub on the 13th of December between 18hrs-1930hrs. The same orientation of dates will follow for the rest of the weeks. If you order from Wednesday 11th December till the noon of Tuesday 17th December, you may pick up your order on Wednesday 18th December between 1800hrs till 1930 hours

The Hub is currently a garage in Naxxar area (address of which will be available upon receipt if this option is chosen); therefore, we will be there between those time slots.

(Message us through our website and all our socials for more clarifications)


All products chosen come in the retailer’s choice of packaging (with their branding). 

All our sales are final. However, should you receive any damaged item, please contact us on kikkramalta@gmail.com. We are not to be held responsible for items broken or damaged while in transit (during time of delivery).


Kikkra will be implementing a no returns policy. This is mainly due to hygiene purposes.


All prices of items issued on the website are inclusive of VAT. Food items, as per Maltese law, are exempted of VAT.