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Tikka Tafal

Tikka Tafal

I'm Ylenia Attard, a 22 year old postgrad English student at university. I've always loved art, and experimenting with different art forms and crafts. I've also always had an interest in fashion and lately got very interested in sewing, specifically upcycling old clothes into cuter, trendier pieces, or sewing things from scratch. During summer 2020 I started experimenting with polymer clay, as well as making and upcycling some pieces of clothing. I love eccentric fashion and accessories, so I made some earrings for myself that I always wanted to have but never bought because either I couldn't find any, or they were too expensive. I was toying with the idea of starting an etsy shop since that seemed very intriguing, and after some encouragement from friends and family, I opened Tikka Tafal on Etsy and Instagram, on June 30th, posting my handmade jewellery and upcycled scrunchies (from thrifted clothes). I never thought it would take off, and I'm still surprised and overjoyed when people like the items I make. It started out as a hobby, since I'm a student who also works, but I'm so fortunate to say that it's now become my small part time business. My goal is to make things I love, that are my style and my aesthetic. I plan to add new accessories to my shop in the near future, and I'm so excited to see my brand grow further!