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Moonstone Creations by Eliza

Moonstone Creations by Eliza

Hi there, Thanks for dropping by. My name is Elizabeth and I'm from the Island of Malta and I create and design handmade jewellery with semi-precious stones. I started creating handmade jewellery from a young age thanks to my grandma, who taught me all the basics and how to use crafted wire to make jewellery. During the pandemic, I was not working as I am a mother of two boys and had to take care of them since school was on lockdown. I had lots of free time to do the things that I once used to do, especially my hobbies. All this led me back to what I loved "creating handmade jewellery" and that was the start of Moonstone Creation. I named it Moonstone because it's my birthstone and I believe that stones have powerful energies that bring luck. All my jewellery is handcrafted and designed in unique styles