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Mazina Candles

Mazina Candles

Mazina Candles have been in my mind for a couple of years now! From a young age I was always making crafts and have always been into art, making handmade journals, sewing handbags using old material and fabric, drawing and painting or anything creative really. While doing this I always lit candles around as they relax me and create such a cosy feeling! Something about candle and a little candlelight makes me feel safe and also enhances my creativity! Then I started to learn about Maltese artisans, eco-friendly products, and their works and decided to try out myself and that is how Mazina Candles was born. We use eco-friendly soy wax which is derived from plants and is non toxic. And as a bonus it can even be used as a moisturiser when melted! Many people ask me what does Mazina mean? Well Mazina is my family's nickname and I have always wanted to create something in my life by which my family will be remembered by, thus I dedicated this business to them! My candles are a reflection of my creativity and character. I hope you enjoy them as much as I love making them! We grow our own herbs at Mazina Fields, which when harvested are dried and used to decorations and for aroma purposes in our candles. Our herbs give off healthy and good smells when burned with our candles. They can also be therapeutic when applied to the skin with the melted wax.