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Born and raised in Hungary - (in the Hungarian countryside to be exact!) - that had a special impact on my relationship with nature and the importance of protecting it. I later lived, worked and studied in the capital city of Budapest. It was here in Budapest that I started to work in the film industry first as producer assistant and then promoted to casting director. In fact I had spent 16 years working on the most interesting and inspiring projects at that time, including commercials, photoshoots, independent and Hollywood movies. The project Gabe initiated in 2009 in Budapest after finishing a course within the Art & Design school. I instantly started designing mainly bags and accessories with my main focus of utilizing left over materials and working around creating a brand that is sustainable.. With this the project Gabe took off and gained a great popularity with customers especially those one off handcrafted products. In 2016 was my big to Malta. Naturally I continued extending my designs and sustainable brand. Amongst the many opportunities I have had, the one that struck me the most was in 2019 when I entered the Negroni 100 Art competition with an artistic pouch created by using recycled materials that has been kindly donated by Camilleri Paris Mode to support sustainable art. This item became the iconic first piece of the collection called ”Revive” soon after the pouch won the Negroni 100 Art competition! I cannot be more thankful and grateful for all of this! My brand kept on growing thanks also to a crowdfunding campaign organized by Zaar. From here, the support towards my sustainable brand kept on increasing. I hope you see that I’m an avid environmentalist working towards creating a sustainable brand that is not only tackling one of the biggest problems the human race is facing but also trying to inspire a change in mentality with artists across all age groups. And also to you the customer, yes beautiful made products can be made through sustainable ways!