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Since I was young I always showed interest in arts and crafts. I had to opportunity to study art at school and later in life I took a private course on fashion design. It helped me to find work in two leading textile shops in Malta. Working with textile made me fall in love even more with fashion, fabric and design. One day, a good friend of mine bought me a book on designing bags and told me that I should give it a try. Since summer of 2012 I can say I never looked back. I started by taking part in local artisan markets and in 2014 had the opportunity to showcase my work in the Malta fashion awards. And participated in other local events. With these bags I'd like to dedicate them to my beloved mother who passed away during Christmas time last year. She was my number one supporter and used to help me and also encouraged me not to never give up. I once read that life is tough but so are we. I refuse to give up on life. On my dreams. Making and designing bags and purses help me to be one step closer to this. Happy shopping xx