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Dangles and Hoops By: Anita

Dangles and Hoops By: Anita

One of my clients recently called me a " Jewelry Starburst". Born in Malta but briefly lived here as a child, I have now flown back to my nest with my two Chihuahuas , Mr. Elliot who is 14 year's old and little girl who is 13 year's old . I moved back home after living in the USA for 35 year's working full-time in the medical field , to care for my 89 year old father. In my spare time I unwind by making original and most ,are one of a kind earrings. I design my earrings as I am making them. It is a way of expressing my inner feelings and thoughts at that moment that I am creating my design, as well as therapy after a long stressful day. Throughout my life I have had a love for arts and crafts as well as creative people. As humans we have such great creativity if we let our inner self lead us. My earrings are made from the heart that is sure to make you sparkle and shine.