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Anne Marie Abela

From a very young age, I was interested in painting which I inherited from my father. At school, my favourite lesson was when it was time to do crafts and always looked forward to start making my Mother’s and Father’s Day cards, as well as the Christmas cards. As I grew up, I continued my studies in Art and also went for extra lessons at the School of Arts in Valletta. After an absence of thirty years, I decided to continue pursuing my interest in this subject. This matured in the creation of A & R Creations, last year. A & R Creations is a collaboration between myself and my husband, where we work together. I take care of the paintings of the creations that we create, whilst he takes care of the woodworking. We strive to produce products mainly out of recycled materials as much as possible, since the environment is very important to us. Our products can be customised to the client’s requirements. We welcome any queries from any potential clients, which we endeavour to reply in the shortest possible time.