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Here at Kikkra, we wish to bring you some stories about our artists. We’re starting off with Golden Island!

We met Ray & Denise back in a small cafeteria where they shared their interesting work that pretty much covered a lot of food goodness and jewelry. Their quality Maltese honey and beehive products have captured our attention immensely. We were also taken around their production site where they showed us the machinery and work. Naturally their main productive site would be their beekeeping. A total of 150 hives in fact. Safe to say, this requires a lot of work and dedication around the clock- and Golden Island plays no games in this.

Ray started off as an industrial chemist with just a side hobby of beekeeping. The latter pretty much took over as his main career focus in 2007.

Denise on the other hand comes from the quality control background within the beverage industry and pretty much has been involved in beekeeping for the past 4 years.

Together they make various products made from honey and beehive. Such products are infused honeys, beeswax, pollen, propolis and royal jelly. Their products include production of cosmetics, beeswax candles, various traditional Maltese conserves and preserves from carob and local produce as well as a unique line of natural jewellery based on bees and local flowers.

We look forward to updating you more on the Golden Island story as they keep making waves across the island!

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