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Our first step for Kikkra’s platform.

This blogpost marks the beginning of our adventure – an adventure which we would like to bring forward to you, as well as take you along with us upon this artisanal journey. We are here to exhibit impeccable Maltese talent and creativity, both to Maltese, as well as to internationals. Embarking upon this journey with us, we present to you the following retailers:

Wood & Tassel

Martina, a young woman with a keen interest in fine jewellery involving 2 specific mediums – of course, wood and tassels. Her work illustrates fun and vibrant colours, with a texture which is really quite unique here in Malta. Her speciality also includes the use of recycled wood.


Gabriella, winner of the 2019 Negroni 100 Art competition boasts of her beautifully handcrafted accessories, giving rise to her sustainable brand. Yes, you can create wonderful creations with sustainable fabric – a fact that our dear Gabriella surely lives by!

Anna Dalli

Our artist creates marvellous modern pieces of art, spectacularly displayed upon canvas. She has attended numerous Art courses, and is also talented in Floral Arrangements. She insists that Art is her one escape from the burdens of everyday life, and indeed, her work is incredible.

Golden Island

Wonder couple Ray Sciberras and Denise Camilleri are able to bring you the most exquisite artistic pieces made of simple honey! Yes, you read right. From food, to waxworks to candles, to even jewellery, Golden Island will certainly have a special something for everyone!

WovenBy Kirsty

Kirsty May has begun her passion project approximately two years ago, when she was approached to produce her woven bracelets for children as an end-of-summer gift. From there on, she proceeded to build onto her brand, and is able to create any style imaginable, as most of her work is very customizable.


With many years of experience, Fransina is known to create the most stunning vintage bags one has ever seen. For the past seven years, she has been creating and exhibiting her work in craft markets, and has never looked back since then.

Gaia and Nina

Francesca, mother of two beautiful daughters – Gaia and Nina, has created her brand based upon her love for her girls’ fashion. Her designs are carefully curated at an atelier which produces the finest of hand-sewn pieces, all of which boast of impeccable quality.

Lucinda’s Designs

With over 30 years of knitting and sewing experience, Louise creates beautiful one of a kind creations inspired by her trips abroad where she purchased many yarns and fabrics that she brought back to Malta.

We have introduced you to our wonderful retailers. We do hope you love what they have to offer, just as much as we do! Their work is so stunning and breathtaking that it is simply impossible to not want a piece from their expertise. A purchase made by you, is a step closer to us supporting Maltese talent, and raising its awareness.